Life in Thailand

Emotional tantrum over & I woke up feeling better today. The great thing about living in Thailand is that it is tough to stay miserable. It doesn’t last super long. Over the course of my bad day, I am slightly nudged into a better mood.

The sunrises, tell me: “oh hey, you see, you made it through another day”.
The palm trees sway and whisper: “all is well now…”

The enormous size of prehistoric boulders all over the island reminds me of how small I am (which can be comforting).

Spastic chickens running across the road make me laugh at loud.

Everywhere I look, down every road, and even when I glance out a window in my house… I get immediately re-energized.

Here are some photos of beautiful things from my life in Thailand.

A casual view of a Yang Na tree while having lunch. These are the redwoods of Thailand. Incredible and massive!
Big Boulders in Samui. Yes that one looks like what you think it does! There is an ancient story behind it!
Laying down on boulders and taking in the sunset.
Goat on a field in the middle of downtown reminding me to get over myself.
Sunset view while riding the Raja Ferry off the island.
Sunset and wine

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