Day 20 Atapuerca to Burgos

I was excited about walking into Burgos, because it felt like a huge milestone for me!

However, I was not liking being in a big city like I thought. I was feeling a little down and just not really liking the vibe of Burgos and then this elderly couple brightened my mood. They lovingly walked up to me randomly and told me to walk another way to get to my hotel that was easier, and that was really nice! The universe sends me angels when I need to keep going and that made me feel better.

But… my day continued to go downhill from there…

It’s hard to unpack because it’s so specific to my triggers.

To sum it up: I had a few more bad encounters with people acting very aggressively to me. I felt a little bit wary of staying here for two days. My guard is down because I’ve had such great luck with people for weeks!

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