(VIDEO) Life in Thailand|Waterfall Walk

I made this video while living in Thailand. It was filmed on the island of Koh Samui, not too far from Koh Phangan (the tiny island that became my refuge during the pandemic). 

Having access to abundant rainforests, waterfalls, fresh fruit, and lilac sunsets kept me going when the end of the world felt near. 

I woke up every morning excited to take out my camera, explore my backyard and capture what was around me. 

I knew I wouldn’t be in Thailand forever, but I would have my memories and maybe photos/videos to remind me of beautiful times.

I no longer live in Thailand, and I miss it so much. However, I feel joy and peace when I look at this video. It immediately transports me back to this time in my life. 

Gosh, this earth and nature are so beautiful. 

The small hope that I get to see, taste, and feel more of it, gives me a reason to open my eyes every day when I want to give up.

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