Fearful Thoughts

I tend to be a very fearful person. Before I make a move, I always think about any negative potential results.

That would be fine, if I also kept in mind the positive aspects of a decision. However, I don’t.

In the end I convince myself of all the reasons to stay away from things I really want to try it achieve.

I suppose my fear comes from a lack of trust in the universe / God / or the world. The world seems like such an unstable and unfair place.

When I was a Christian I always wondered why bad things happened to good people. What’s the justification for that?

I just don’t trust that I will always be on the receiving end of good luck or good fortune. I almost expect that something will frequently go wrong or awry in my life.

I tell myself “ you are no exception to the rule”!

The rule being: that life is tough and can be unforgivable at times.

Unfortunately, what I end up doing is living in fear. So I have been trying to adjust my thoughts and see the glass half full.

I see the glass half full when I spend time in nature and going for a walk at the beach. I see it when I go for long bike rides.

The world feels “right” in those moments and I have a little bit of control.

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