Day 2 Orisson to Roncesvalles

Wow! The views on this hike were impressive. I didn’t realize we would walk through so many different landscapes. We left around 8AM and got to the Albergue around 2:30 AM!

Highlights of the walk were the views and seeing more people on the trail. Also, walking in the morning, it was so dewy, and the air was fresh!

There also was a slight drizzle, so all had on our ponchos and bag covers! My feet didn’t get wet, and I was not wiping pools of water off my face at any point. I found the drizzle refreshing and a welcome since I walked in the middle of the sun yesterday. 

The walk to Roncesvalles was challenging during certain parts for me because of the length of distance. I couldn’t believe that there was more to walk. What helped was the nature and views and seeing people occasionally and greeting one another. 

The “food truck” along the way is just a mobile deli! There are granola bars, slices of bread, cheese, drinks, and boiled eggs. 

I bought two slices of toast, cheese (which was delicious), and two boiled eggs. I was glad I had my plums! 

We took a slight detour to see the Virgin statue! Worth it. I did a little prayer and felt calm after. 

I would say for this hike 

It was two of steep hills, just like getting to Orisson. 

Then three hours of not-so-bad incline hills. 

Then one hour of intense decline hills. 

Today I met people from Italy, Venezuela, Canary Islands,

I was exhausted by 12:30 PM, but it was not impossible. I just must accept that my pace is slow, and that’s okay. I needed to pee very badly but couldn’t find a private spot. There are more people on the walk than I imagined. It’s a bit too much for me, but it also helps me feel safe. I am relieved I decided to book rooms ahead. I just need to make sure I confirm with them before. 

I liked the declines downhill and ran down some, which in retrospect, wasn’t smart. But I found them more manageable than the hills!

The last 1 KM is confusing, but yes, you do cut through grass and across fields! Again, follow the signs you are on the right track. 

There are also stretches of walking on cobblestone (?) or maybe it’s called pebbles, which was hard on my ankles. 

Overall, I felt powerful physically on this walk. No pain anywhere. I noticed people who walked from SJPDP were limping more, so if you were a bit in doubt, I would stop and stay at Orisson or the village after. 

The hostel at Roncesvalles is phenomenal and feels like the Ruiz Carlson. The water gets super-hot! 

There is no limit on the amount of water you can use or how long you can shower. I just had to keep pushing the button to keep the water flow going. 

The dinner food was okay :/ and not the biggest portions. I did my best and asked for Mayo & ketchup & hot sauce for my French fries, which spiced it up a bit. 

I wouldn’t have paid for the dinner they provided in retrospect. Instead, I would have gone to one of the fancy restaurants on campus. You could also take a taxi to the supermarket or walk!

I also had the staff do my laundry —wash and dry for 4E instead of handwashing it for free. He said all the Americans don’t want to do it by hand 😬. I had other things to do like — yoga & stretch in the sun for hours!

No blankets at this place but disposable protective sheets for pillow and bed! 

Again, very comfortable accommodations and at half capacity makes it calm and more enjoyable. 

There also didn’t seem a shortage of beds for people without reservations. 

I woke up feeling refreshed and ready for the next day!

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