El Camino de Santiago: Day 0

Where: Bangkok Lounge

What: waiting to board plane to Spain

When 8:33 PM

I can’t believe it but I am really doing it. I am leaving Thailand. I am forging ahead, mostly into the unknown. All I know is that I will be walking for over 30 days and 500 miles KM across Northern Spain.

This will be the most physically draining thing I have ever embarked and I am so ready. I need something… and this feels like the thing. 

I hope I will be safe. I hope I will enjoy the trip.

This is an adventure of a lifetime.

I have to be responsible for myself and its been a while.

I look forward to nature, sunsets, sunrises, my feet being sore, spiritually cleansing, talking to my dad, crying, all of it.

I want to dive deep into myself…

I want to be completely change by the end of this journey.

Better, stronger and faster in every way possible!

What did I get myself into!!!


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