Day 4 Zubiri to Pamplona

Today was challenging, and the distance was long, but the walk was very peaceful emotionally for me and fun!

I didn’t have such extreme highs and lows mentally like I had the previous days.

I think that was because I probably overcame one of the hardest (and most legendary) parts of the Camino Frances — walking over the Pyrenees Mountains.

Another thing is that I think my body is adjusting, and my mind is accepting what I have committed myself to with this Camino.

I was determined to get out very early and anxious to leave the hostel as soon as possible. Unfortunately, my hostel didn’t have a wake-up call, but I was out of bed by 6:30 am and out the door by 7:00 am.  I did what to leave a bit earlier, but I still arrived in Pamplona by 11:30 am.

I was very excited on adrenaline during the entire walk, and I had such an intense focus to finish!  I was traumatized from baking out in the sun the previous days because we left later. So today, I wanted to leave early and avoid much of the afternoon sun, which I did.

I was walking the fastest I ever did initially and was in so much discomfort by the end, but I was so determined. 

I didn’t take long breaks like I usually do, but I stopped once an hour to do short leg stretches. I, of course, stopped to take many pictures of all the scenery around me. 

I didn’t stop for lunch, but there was a food truck where many pilgrims got lunch. I decided to eat fruit and bars on the go. 

Halfway into my walk, I finally saw other people and walked the last half with a friend from two days back that I hadn’t seen on the route.

The walk was once again stunningly beautiful. And I saw such an array of diverse plant life. Then, of course, there were the typical inclines and declines, but nothing as extreme as the previous days.

There were quite a few times where I walked through industrial-looking places or a few small towns with cute homes. 

This walk was the most enjoyable, even though it was very long.

The last hour of the walk was very difficult for the small group that formed and me; we were all tired. The last few kilometers of the walk is through a city which we all hoped was Pamplona but wasn’t! Haha

I was practically hobbling into my hotel, was allowed to check in early, and nose-dived into my bed. 

My body is banged up, and it needs some serious rest, which is why I will be spending two rest days and Pamplona.

I booked myself an hour massage, which was very helpful with Eli. She was solid.

If I was honest, I wish to massage lasted for longer. But I am spoiled from my hours-long massages in Thailand. However, I do think it helped to soothe my sore shoulders, calves, and ankles.

I don’t feel any distinct pain, just a lot of soreness, and my body is probably exhausted and in shock.

I plan on spending the next two days drying out my belongings because they seem to stay forever damp and just sleeping and enjoying a private hotel room.

I’m staying at the Pamplona Spa Hotel, which is excellent and worth the extra money. 

Friends and I met up to go to Cafe Iruna, Hemingway’s favorite, and overlooks this beautiful square.

I don’t know if I will be exploring Pamplona because I honestly feel drained. I want to focus on resting for the next part of my walk versus sightseeing in this city, but I will see how I feel when I wake up.

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