Day 12: Rest day in Logroño 

I took a rest day today. My ego didn’t want to, but I knew my body needed another day to sleep in and heal. Also, my mind needed it too. 

For some reason, a few hours after I arrived in Logroño, personal challenges I have dealt with for years came to the surface. However, processing these emotions was draining, and combined with my physical exhaustion, I felt frozen in time. 

I am trying to embrace that the Camino is not a race. However, for some, it is a “race to Santiago,” and I think some of that culture has affected me a bit. 

I realize many people have time constraints and fixed budgets as to why they create a time frame to complete the Camino. I don’t, so I am trying to honor my circumstances, but it’s hard. 

I was like, you could just get up and walk a tiny bit more for a second. Then I thought, but why push myself? What would be the repercussions of that? So, I force myself to walk more, only to increase the risk of injuring my body. Thus far, my body has been holding up well besides highly sore feet, and I don’t want to create more complications. 

From my observations, it seems like my body can walk a 10-12 km day, 20 km day, then another 20 km day in sequence. Yet, after that, it is calling out for a rest day. That could change, but for now, those seem to be my boundaries. 

This experience has the potential to be an emotionally and spiritually enriching experience. I seem to reap those benefits the most when I remove “completing in a certain time” as pressure. When the stress lifts, I can finally have a journey that involves taking more photos, sightseeing, and taking time to rest.  All the things I’m craving more of on this journey. 

Some people can complete many kilometers a day while doing all I mentioned above, but sadly I can’t. So, I have to meet where I am. The expectation of completing a certain number of miles in a day has robbed me of the flexibility to takes photos in off-beaten places, roam small towns, and even find more exciting places to eat. It’s been tough admitting that to myself. But it’s true! 

I want not to feel as exhausted at the end of each day. But, unfortunately, I just don’t have the stamina compared to others. So, I am taking the day to recalibrate, and maybe I can muster up the energy to see all that Logroño has to offer. 

I know this Camino is different for many people. Some do it for physical reasons, spiritual, or after a challenging life event. So, I had to remember my motivation when I decided to sleep in instead of heading out. 

I am learning every day how to make this journey unique to me and my emotional needs. To tailor it to my body. And to reach new depths spiritually.

My day involved staggering to find lunch… a long mid-day nap… then stumbling for a late-night dessert and dinner. I also finished my audiobook! 

I have more thoughts on the culture of the Camino that I have observed that maybe I will share one day. But that’s all for now! Tomorrow I will see if I can make it to Ventosa. 

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