Day 28 Ledigos to Sahagún

The ebbs and flows of today’s events felt especially significant because I walked to Sahagún. I walked and stayed in a city I wasn’t even supposed to. Sahagún is the official “midway” point of the Camino Frances (beginning in Roncesvalles).

This is the “midway point” & I am halfway to the end!

I started my walk and felt completely deflated. I was upset but didn’t know why. Then I became even more upset because I didn’t know why I was upset.

But I told myself I had to walk. That’s one of the powerful things about the Camino, that despite whatever you’re feeling for the day, your utmost responsibility is to yourself and the journey and walking to your next destination.

If you don’t walk, you don’t eat.

If you don’t walk you don’t sleep.

If you don’t walk you don’t find the comfort that you’re desiring – at a rest stop or the next spot of shade.

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