Day 32: Leon to San Martin del Camino

Today was a slow and lazy morning for me. I wanted to take advantage of staying in a nice hotel so I decided to leave very late this morning. Normally, I like to leave early because of the intense afternoon sun, but I did not have it in me to leave early. I accepted that I would not be waking up early and would be walking in the hot afternoon sun.

By the end of the walk, I was a little delusional and had to play music and was dancing to it while walking. I was basically doing a parade dance to get myself hyped up to finish. The last hour was quite draining because I was dancing but I had to make it fun. I got to my hostel, Albergue Viera around 4:30 PM. They are lovely! They were very welcoming when I stumbled in ha-ha. It was quite packed with Pilgrims and there was a lot of action going on. They even have a pool!

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