Day 43 Cacabelos to Ambasmestas

I woke like a child on their first day of school! I was so excited to start walking again, after resting for four days. My body was craving movement and I was giddy to get back on the saddle and do something that’s become second nature. I left my hotel at exactly 6:33 AM!

However I didn’t get to my destination until 12 hours later! I decided to take alternative scenic route to Ambasmestas. No one does this anymore. I saw one other person a guy from Sardinia, who equality as distraught that we took the alternative route 😂 It extended my journey by hours and it was much harder in terms of hills! I took the crazy mountainous and rustic route that no one does…

I was feeling discouraged and wondered if I could elect for emergency transport because of sheer exhaustion?

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