Hiking 800 km Across Spain: My Camino Frances Story 

I have been a tad quiet on here since my last post! Lots of ups & downs & transitions. A huge up – is finally finishing my documentary about my Camino Frances! **Still working on the book**

Hiking 800 km Across Spain: My Camino Frances Story

In September of 2021, I completed an 800-kilometer solo hike through Spain called the Camino de Santiago. I documented this life-altering experience that shifted the entire fabric of my being.  

This ancient pilgrimage took me through 4 provinces of Spain: Navarre, La Rioja, Castile and Leon, and Galicia, where Santiago de Compostela is located. I hiked over high-altitude mountain tops, through green hills and forests, along wheat and sunflower fields, and over dozens of rivers.

All I had to guide my way were my hopes for adventure, solitude in nature, healing, and the Camino clamshells and yellow arrow that directed my path. Most days, I wanted to quit from the sheer mental and physical exhaustion of walking up to 30 kilometers in one day with a 30 lb. hiking pack. However, for the first time in my life, I felt freedom and soon became addicted to the lifestyle on the Camino. 

Nothing could stop me because my soul was content. Most pilgrims complete the Camino Frances in 30 – 35 days. However, I extended my walk to 55 days with frequent rest days in small towns and big cities, feeding my hunger to explore the culture and history of Spain.    

Hiking between 6 – 12 hours a day on primarily desolate trails through nature triggered an overflow of creative inspiration. The ancient spirit of the Camino led me to create. During these 55 days, I compiled hundreds of pages of memoir journal writings in my iPhone notes, hours of intimate voice memos, and thousands of photos of the lush landscape and various towns I encountered on the pilgrimage. 

In this documentary, I attempt to capture this walk’s profound and transformational nature. 

I hope that you feel the spirit of the Camino with the photos, videos, and commentary in this film. 

Please enjoy it. Again, our walk is our own to experience; I wish you luck, hope, and joy on the paths and trails that life may lead you through. 

Buen Camino!

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