Aveiro Portugal : Self Portraits

I hadn’t used my DSLR in over a year when I got to Portugal in April. I was so rusty. Had to buy an impromptu Manfrotto tripod that was complete trash and overpriced.

Tripods I think are the single most important thing for self portraits. I rushed to the electronic store, then headed back to the beach to take photos. Then I realized I also didn’t put batteries in my self timer remote. Forgot to pack them. All the photos I took on my DSLR in Portugal were chaotic haha

It was also very very windy and sand was everywhere.

These photos are from running 50 meters between timers, trying to focus my camera, pressing the trigger, and then run back to my place.

That’s kinda how my whole time in Portugal was…

Portugal meant – things being of focus… accepting the imperfections, trying again and again and again to execute the visions in my mind and heart.

I went in to do the Camino Portuguese. Only lasted three days on the trail. Then decided to just stay in Porto for a few weeks to get my head back together and plan my next steps.

Then I went on this insane, busy but calming, overambitious road trip through out Portugal for almost two weeks. Which was incredible and spiritually rich.

At the moment I am missing Portugal and my adventures there. Not missing the confusion and emotional ups and downs!

But that’s kinda me, I always miss something. If nostalgia was a person, it would be me. 🥹

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