My Search for Inner Earth

I am learning to trust myself. 

Remembering that the solutions to my problems are within reach. 

Today, I am thinking about the concept of there being an Inner Earth on this planet. Almost every culture all over the world has mythologized that there is something deeper hidden beneath the surface. 

They’ve tried to name it





Maybe there is a secret cave or underground tunnel that will lead us there. 

Is it tucked into the Grand Canyon?

Or at the bottom of the Great Blue Hole?

Or perhaps it’s deep under the sand dunes of the Kalahari Desert? 

Is it an actual physical location or a metaphysical concept?

I don’t know… but growing up it felt fun to imagine there was a hidden place that I could escape to and explore one day. It didn’t have to be Eden, but just secret, mysterious, and away. 

No one knows for sure. 

However, I think I do. I think this Inner Earth is deep inside of me. I don’t have to search under the crack and crevices of a career or money. I don’t need to book a plane flight to a remote location. I have all I need. 

I am the treasure chest at the end of a rainbow.   

My Inner Earth is a place that no one can touch or have access to unless I allow them. 

A place that I can land on soft ground. 

This inner sanctuary of mine is a fertile ground to plant my dreams and watch my ideas flourish. 

This Inner Earth is in me. 

It exists by my design.

Its mine to judge.

& only mine to access.

As I find myself facing obstacles, I remind myself of this place I can run off to, right inside of me. 

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