Dear Self: Part 2 of 9 | Healing through Movement (WORDS)

The voices in my head 

They are deafening 

They say 

Silly girl 

How dear you 

How dear you try to be free

How dear you try to express yourself

You can’t even dance

You have no rhythm

You quit everything you start

You will always be depressed

You don’t matter

Better to stay safe and hidden than to make mistakes

But I remember the truth 

And I write myself a love letter

It goes like this

Dear Self

You beautiful girl 

Don’t listen to all the noise

Forget doubt

Forget your insecurities 

You shine from the inside out

You’re a diamond

Receive with open arm

No more fighting

You are precious 

You are special 

There is only one of you

So, remember to jump 

and allow yourself to fly

Soar up high


Written: August 2020 – Koh Phangan Thailand

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