Dear Self: Part 5 of 9 | Healing through Movement (WORDS )

This is a love letter to my body

The body that I was taught by some to hate

Dear self…

I love you

I love the way your hips look in a dress 

I love the fact that your top lip is darker than your bottom   

I love the thickness of your nose 

The arch of your eyebrows

Your double chin 

The curve of your butt 

I love the wrinkles in your hands 

The scars on your forearm

The one dimple right above your left cheek

The scar on your forehead is what makes you different 

All the things you felt insecure about growing up…

I love them all

I love the fact that you work

I love the fact that my heart pumps when it’s suppose to 

That my brain processes things I cannot understand

I love that my body can walk miles a day

That between my legs hold the seed of creation 

I love that there is that of God in your reflection 

Dear body…

You are perfect 

The stretch marks on your breast are like rays of a sun 

I love them 

& I love you 

You are beautiful

The strength in your back and the power of your embrace in a hug

I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life, getting to know you and appreciate you

Dear self…

I love you 


Written: September 2020 – Koh Phangan Thailand

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