Dear Self: Part 4 of 9 | Healing through Movement (WORDS )

Dear Self

Its time to tell your story 

When you broke through ceilings to create new floors 

When you danced for one drop of water but received a waterfall 

Dear self 

tell them 

When you were down but got back up 

Dear self 

Tell them about your

Pain & Joy

Insecurities & Confidence                

Anxiety & Peace

Ups  & Downs 

Strengths  & Weaknesses

Giving  & Receiving 

Sickness & health 

Fear & bravery 

Dear Self

Its time to tell your story            

When you found freedom

Tell them of the times 

you got back more than was stolen 

Tell them.

Tell them.

Tell them about …

Your Consistency 

Your Grit

Your Passion

Your Desires 

Tell them about 

Your Creativity 

Your Intuition 

Your Poise 

Your Independence 

Tell them about 

Your Tenacity 

Your Strength 

Your Rebellion 

Dear Self


Written: July 2020 – Koh Phangan Thailand

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